Smooth Embossing Paste

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Our extremely easy-to-use Smooth Embossing Paste creates texture or raised patterns through a stencil.

Embossing Paste

  • dries to a translucent pearl finish;
  • can then be painted, glazed or waxed;
  • can be custom coloured by adding any Fusion Mineral Paint™, including metallics which will produce different effects given the lighting and angles they appear under;
  • can be applied using a damp brush and brushed on for a frosted look, with a brush in a stippled formation for a textured finish or with a sponge or spatula over a stencil;
  • will dry hard and is very durable 
Application Tool  Brush, Sponge, Spatula, or use with a Stencil.
Re-coat Time  2-12 hrs
Dry Time  2-12 hrs
Top Coat  Not required - however any topcoat can be applied if desired.
Clean Up  Water
Coverage  35 sq.ft.
Finish/Sheen  White Pearl - can be custom tinted with paint or metallics
Recommended Uses  Add raised detailing texture through stencils, or apply directly onto furniture for texture and sheen using a  brush.
Can Be Applied To  Ready to paint surfaces. Non-oil or wax surfaces.
Can Be Painted Over  Yes
Cure Time  21 Days