Tempura Paint Kits for Kids

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Create, together

At Fusion we know the feeling that comes when your creativity flows: brush in hand, paint loaded, the perfect colour at the ready. That feeling is even better when shared, so we created Fusion for Kids: a washable formula perfect for big ideas and wild imaginations.

Tempera Paint ● Washable ● Non-toxic ● Age 5+

 Rainbow Colours
  • Yellow School Bus
  • Teal Bubble Gum
  • Red Fire Truck
  • Green Turtle
  • Black Penguin
  • White Marshmallow

Easter Colours

  • Bunny's Paw Pink
  • Spring Sky Blue
  • Carrot Orange
  • Pastel Purple Egg
  • White Marshmallow
  • School Bus Yellow
Comes with a complimentary paint tray and small project to get the smalls on their way.